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Dunk tank issues,etc.....

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Dunk tank issues,etc.....

Postby DEEROKK » Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:14 pm

Ok, i have been printing for about seven years, in all professional enviroments, no at home deals.

The last year or so i started using a tank for reclaming, after a month or so it would start not taking the emultion off, so over time i made a lid. Problem solved. now withing a day or two, mind you the temp dropped from70 to 30, it quit taking off the emultion completley. I use ulano (pink), btw, what i have always used. Before this method i had the cleaner in a spray bottle and did this for years. Why would it just stop working?

next, i own a shop and work at another. My boss has become vey impatient as to speed on manual printing. he has only printed for 7-8months w no knowledge of printing before hand,

Recently i had to do 150 beach towels, 3 over sized prints on each towel, 2 colors each by hand. I only needed 110 mesh screens or lower, but was only provided with 230's. its taking me 4, 6 hour days to print by hand, wet wet, and mixing the ink by the quart, by hand, for every 20-30 towels or so, am i going slow? Or is my boss expecting to much???
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Re: Dunk tank issues,etc.....

Postby sosickbro » Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:28 am

make sure your emulation remover is made for diptanks. if it is then you should clean it out every other month or so.

and, your boss is an idiot unless the art has a bunch of half tones. water based ink would work good with the mesh.
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Re: Dunk tank issues,etc.....

Postby anthemscreenprinting » Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:31 pm

Agreed about your boss being an idiot. You want to use a lower mesh when printing on towels since the material is so porous. A 230 is not the way to go. However, your speed does seem to be a little slow. 24 hours to print 20-30 towels?! Maybe I just read that wrong...

As for the diptank, are you only using emulsion remover in the dip tank, or are you using an all-in-one solution? All-in-one solution should be replaced monthly or bi-monthly depending on the amount of screens you're cleaning with it.
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