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Replacement for Newman Locking Strip?

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Replacement for Newman Locking Strip?

Postby River City Screens » Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:04 am

Hi all. Newbie here, looking for something: we use Newman Roller Frames. A lot of 'em, and we go through a LOT of locking strip for them, as quite a lot of them seem to get damaged as we remove them when screens break and find their way back to me, the shop screen guy, to be restretched into new screens. At $80 or so for a 50 foot roll, this is getting expensive...

Anybody found a suitable, cheaper replacement? Tried a couple of plastics places locally with no luck. One of them did suggest that the material is some type of nylon, and it looks like (without using a machinist's rule or calipers or anything super duper accurate) 15/32s" (11mm) wide by about a 16th (1mm) thick. While we have a great relationship with our local supplier of Newman stuff, it's just too damned expensive to keep buying the Newman stuff when I'm pretty sure somebody out there HAS to make this stuff and sell it wholesale. Aside from manufacturers in China who'd want to sell it by the container full, I've managed to come up with nothing so far. Anybody have any leads?
River City Screens
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Re: Replacement for Newman Locking Strip?

Postby Shadowfax » Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:40 am

I'm also looking... not so much due to expense, but because I'd like to find something slightly thicker. Newman only sells theirs in 2 thicknesses, one to cover all meshes over 80 - but we've had trouble with thin mesh slipping through when we try to tension it.

I did pull out a micrometer - in case it helps anyone else here with an idea whee to look, the Newman strip I measure has a thickness from 0.065" to 0.070." It's a half inch wide.

I couldn't find anything lie this - 5/64" plastic would be 0.078 and some plastic sheets are sold in that, but not plastic strips that I could find.
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