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Value of this press..your opinion, what's it worth?

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Value of this press..your opinion, what's it worth?

Postby squidink » Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:27 am

Hello SPFers, been a while since I've posted, usually get any info I need just by searching and reading here, this time is different.

I have an opportunity to buy this auto press but would like some input on the price. I have always used a manual (ready to upgrade) so my knowledge on autos is limited. I feel that I should make a counter-offer but am clueless as to what would be reasonable.

This press is perfect for me, main reason being that it is the only one that will squeeze into my small space. It also looks and runs great -smooth and quiet. I got to 'kick the tires' on it several days ago. I have read many reviews on this press so I know pretty much what the pros and cons are but the pros outweigh the cons for me.

Here's what I can tell you apout it.
It is a 2008 model Anatol Horizon Mini. Air/electric.
It has 58,000 on the print count.
It has been refurbished (basically for air leaks and wiring) and is in excellent shape but needs 2 'tubes' in the flash.
It is a 5color/6 station press.
I was told that the seller got it for a steal at around 5K but I don't think he knows that I know that. He did put some time/money in to it because it's rumored that a previous owner who couldn't make payments and had it taken away may have inflicted some malicious damage to the machine
It runs very quiet and very smooth.

t's being offered to me for $14K. Brand new it is around $24K.
I know/knew 2 of the previous owners and have their unbiased (don't care if I buy or not) opinions and they have nothing bad to say about it.

I've been looking at these for over a year now and happened across this opportunity to buy local so no crating, shipping, etc. It's not listed for sale anywhere, just offered to me because the seller was looking for a bigger press and he got word that I was looking for an auto with a small footprint.

What do you think? What would be your counter-offer if it were you wanting the press? Thank you for you help!

here are links to short vids of it running,
ahm_2.jpg (191.07 KiB) Viewed 842 times
ahm_3.jpg (230.74 KiB) Viewed 842 times
ahm_1.jpg (86.83 KiB) Viewed 842 times
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