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another lost newbie

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another lost newbie

Postby whitespike » Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:15 pm

I've been wanting to screen print my designs for several years. Now, while some other things in life are slowing down, I want to dive in.

I am totally lost. Seems there is a lot on the web, but not much clarity for the novice.

I would like at least a 4 color manual setup. I definitely want top notch easy registration. I'll mostly be doing posters, but would like the flexibility to make fabric pieces as well.

I've seen the little home machines, a DIY set up for around $400 from Readymade, beginner presses from $700-1000, and "beginner" presses at 9K!

I'd love to stay in the 600-1000 range to start.

Is this realistic?

BTW - I will be doing this for my own artistic endeavors not as a high volume business.

PSS - How much room do you generally need? I have only a small bedroom, but am considering closing in my carport if I have to.
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