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Acrylic persex glass

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Acrylic persex glass

Postby rocky420227 » Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:45 pm

Hello, this is my first discussion so go easy on me :)

I have just purchased my first beginners screen printing kit and i'm watching all the videos of how to... I'm struggling with one thing though. On every video and every piece of literature it talks about using glass to put on the the top of the ready screen, on top of the image. Now, I cant find a piece of glass anywhere. They dont sell them on ebay or Amazon and to go to a professional glass supplier will cost a fortune for an A3 size sheet of glass. I have however come across a piece of Acrylic perspex glass, and they're eadily available and cheap. Can I use this instead of glass? Is there any difference?

Thanks in advance

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