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Transparent black light/UV ink for plastic?

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Transparent black light/UV ink for plastic?

Postby scaleycaley » Fri Dec 18, 2015 4:52 pm

Hello folks!

I'm a comparative newbie to screenprinting. I dipped my toe in the water in order to start making DIY merchandise for my band.

I recently made some white on white acrylic sleeve CDs for an EP release called Stark White, and the sleeves turned out great (here's a pic of a few of them - ... 657&type=3). I used Jacquard Professional Screenprint Ink. It took an AGE to air dry, but the finish was pretty good.

We're now thinking of doing another release of a song called Black Light and I wanted to print on black acrylic with black light reactive ink. However, I really want the ink to be almost invisible in normal light and only really show when exposed to black light. I know it HAS to have some pigment to give the effect, but i was hoping for something as near as damn it. The black light effect doesn't have to be huge. Even just a minor glow will be fine.

So, a virtually translucent when dry, black light reactive ink, that's (reasonably) durable on a non-porous surface. Does anyone know of such a thing or am I asking the impossible?

Thanks in advance!
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