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Restoring motorcycle switches - what ink?

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Restoring motorcycle switches - what ink?

Postby Ralpharama » Thu Dec 04, 2014 8:20 am


I've been in the print industry for yonks, but am very new to screen print. I am restoring an old 1983 Kawasaki Z1300. The handle bar switches were originally screen printed. As the paint was screwed on them, I glass bead blasted them and had them powder coated using a polyester powder. I got myself a basic hand machine and will be able to make jigs to hold the switches, but none seems to be able to tell me what sort of inks to use. I need white and yellow. The powder coater is going to coat some scrap plates for me to experiment with. I have contacted two ink suppliers in the UK who both seem unsure what I will need and suggest testing inks :shock: This is all very well, but as this may be a one off job, I'm not keen to buy loads of different inks to see which sticks ! To me this seems like a pretty standard sort of job that must be done over and over some where in industry.

Any one help?

Many thanks

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Re: Restoring motorcycle switches - what ink?

Postby d fleming » Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:50 pm

I would think a multipurpose along the lines of nazdar's 9700 series would work. You might wnat to add an adhesion promoter to be safe.
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