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Shipping Flatstock...Which Methods are best?

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Shipping Flatstock...Which Methods are best?

Postby stoneybalogna » Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:15 am

Hey there, I have begun to print posters on 12.5x19" , 100 lb Cardboard / Cover , French Paper. Its pretty heavy duty and thick. I am debating which method would be best to ship a poster such as these...I am hesitant to use a tube because I don't want to deform the flat stock or potentially alter the print. I also have to ship about 15 out across seas from L.A. - U.K. & really want to package those right , as well as orders i am fulfilling. French Paper co. sent me my stock in a flat box with bubble wrap and cardboards on the top/bottom. Guessing that would do it , but still open to feedback and such. Thanks!
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