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Silkscreening on a PETG jar

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Silkscreening on a PETG jar

Postby Henrik » Fri May 20, 2011 2:43 pm

Hi There,

I am trying to understand how to print on a PET or PETG jar. Here are my questions:

1. Do I need a special ink to print on those jars ?

2. Once the printing is done do I need to have it cure ?

3. Is there any special pretreatment I need to do ?

4. Any suggestions on machine to use to do this kind of job ? (I looked at the printa 990 system..if you have any experience whith that please share).

Many thanks. I am a starter as you can image.

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Re: Silkscreening on a PETG jar

Postby geneh » Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:59 pm

Try Nazdar 9600 series ink with NB 80 i do believe. Call Nazdar or go on there website and they can help you out. I know 9600 will adhere to treated and non treated polyester. You will have to do a final bake at 220f for about an hour. To kick over the catalyist (NB 80). Were you going to pad or screen print these jars if you screen print you can use the 9600 series ink. If you were going to pad print then you will have to find another ink system made for pad printing. Good Luck
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