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using ghostscript with coreldraw?

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using ghostscript with coreldraw?

Postby Chunk » Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:02 am

hi --

can anyone please give me any info on whether ghostscript can be used with coreldraw 8 to create denser inkjet film positives, and if so, how you do it? i've been putzing with my inkjet (epson stylus c60) and coated inkjet transparency film to try to make positives, but the black's nowhere near dense enough. i definitely cannot buy another printer or a software rip at this time, just so you know (silkscreening's still a hobby for me at this point).

i just downloaded ghostscript & gsview, and am going to give them a try. i don't know much about postscript -- i usually just print my output directly from coreldraw, or when i've shelled out the big $$ to have positives made commercially, have just sent them the native corel files.

i'd appreciate any info anyone could offer. thanks!
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Postby totwdave » Fri Mar 02, 2007 1:05 pm

I've played with Ghostscript a little, but usually I just print direct from Corel- I use an Epson 2200 with no RIP, I've had pretty good luck specifying all my blacks as RGB Black (0,0,0) and playing with the ink density settings.

Also if it's just a hobby for you- Those black paint markers they sell at Michaels or any craft/art supply store, or even just a Sharpie work great for touching up the backside of positives.

Another option might be print 2 positives and stack them to get a positive black enough to burn a screen with- That's usually not a big deal as long as your film is clear
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