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Advanced Garment Printing workshop

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Advanced Garment Printing workshop

Postby Ybob » Wed Mar 01, 2006 2:47 pm

Greetings all,
I wonder if anyone took this hands-on workshops sponsored by SGIA’s
There is one at the end of April hosted by WOW Productions in Fresno, CA for $249 members and $399 non-members. Just curious if it's worth it.
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Postby Hugh » Sun Apr 02, 2006 6:55 pm

I was at the Textile Special Effects/Ink Advanced Training Class at SGIA/SPTF in late March. The class was excellent and taught by Charlie Taublieb and Dawn Hohl the SPTF Managing Director.

We covered the special art prep required for high density printing and to a lseer degree, simulated process color printing.

We learned screen prep for simulated process color, hi-density printing by using hi-density capillary film. The hi density film for exposure is made by several companies and is expensive.

Also, the covered the equipment that is required to print special effects, as well as flashing and curing requirements.

Our team put together a hi-end special effects t-shirt that had: 1) six colors to form a simulated process color basketball with spikes coming out of the basketball as part of the design. 2) Four more screens were involved as we gave the basketball texture and hi-gloss with a hi-density clear gel. Then three additonal hi denisty colors were built on top of each other, in black, red & gold gel (all Rutland hi density and "soft" hi-desnity inks) to from the text on the shirt. Thus a total of ten screen and the finished t-shirt was totally radical!

Addtional techniques learned and special effects: application of foils, cystallina & sugar crystal, "Brushed" hi-density silver metallic looking ink and more.

I would recommend the class for the person(s) who are passionate about screen printing and are willing to invest both in time & money in what it would take to actually develop these special effects processes within their own shop. It is a class also that is not necessarily for beginners but Charlie has a gift for adapting to where one is at!

Here is a link on Charlie's next class:
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