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Anyone to set up my printing shop- NJ

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Anyone to set up my printing shop- NJ

Postby overfield_design » Wed Aug 23, 2006 9:42 pm

Any one who can help me opening a printing shop?

Is there ANYONE ?
- who can supply possibly all equipments for the shop, at good price :D OR can be a good advisor for me to purchase right equipments for the shop. Used or reconditioned : favorable
- who can install (assemble) the purchased machines and make them work well
- who can train me to operate the factory in good condition
- who knows some good experienced printer to recommend to me
- who can be a good partner or manager for my company (after my business gets busy)
- hopefully who has no difficulty visiting my place located in northern New Jersey.

I open a textile company, specializing in garment printing, mainly large, jumbo size T-shirt manufacturing, starting with ONE AUTO and ONE MANUAL. Some of my art works will be with lots of half tones, sometimes foil, jumbo size, maximum 7, 8 colors enough.

Although I have my half life time experience of graphic design and fine art, with 5 year experience as a T-shirt prints designer, I have little experience of manufacturing on the factory site. So any of your advices, information or participation is very helpful for my business.

Thanks :D

Anthony Kim
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Postby ROADSIDE » Mon Oct 16, 2006 8:33 pm

I am in South Jersey... Just outside of Philadelphia
I cant run your shop but I am here for you questions
.... I can give you my opinion but I can't tell you if it's right or not.
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Postby inlineprint » Tue Oct 17, 2006 7:26 pm

I dont know of anyone who can run your shop for you on the East coast. However if you are looking for a wide variety of equipment along with a knowledgable staff give the Jessup's a call.

They are located at:
177 Smith Street
Keasbey NJ 08832

I have dealt with Caren Jessup and have found her to be a knowledgable and helpful person. She can help you with equipment and shop setup and may even be able to recommend someone to help with the rest. You can reach Caren at: 732 324 0430 at their NJ store.

Best Regards,
Darek Szyszko
951 296 3537 Office
630 965 1890 Mobile
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Re: Anyone to set up my printing shop- NJ

Postby MalcolmLLC » Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:48 pm

I just got on here-the forum-wish I would have read your post when you put it up. Let me know what you are still looking for and maybe we can figure something out.

I have a manual and automatic and have the set up and printing down, but my b'ness is kinda slow so I'm looking for other opportunities with in the industry to utilize my printing ability and knowledge. I'm really slow over the holidays too.
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