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Resale/Wholesale Licences

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Resale/Wholesale Licences

Postby tomdooley » Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:05 pm

I know this is not strictly a screen printing topic, but I'm sure that a huge number of the professional printers on this forum have some experience with this.

I'm very new to this, and I'm looking to get a resale or a wholesale license, so that I can get wholesale prices for substrates (shirts particularly). I've got a small press, and I really just want to do it for my personal use, but I am considering selling some of these shirts on line, should they be good enough. I just can't afford to spend all of my hard earned money on 5 dollar shirts, when I know that I can get them cheaper, and possibly extract some actual money thereby.

So, having said that, my question is this:

How does one qualify for resale/wholesale license?

I've looked a bit, but so far haven't found any information, just websites of dubious legitimacy that offer to do it for me.

Thanks for any help, which is always extremely appreciated.
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Re: Resale/Wholesale Licences

Postby ROADSIDE » Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:55 am

With most distributors.... your purchase price is based on your volume. If you are only ordering 10-12 shirts at a time you are going to pay more.
As the old saying goes.... "It takes money to make money"

Your best bet might be to start with some low end shirts from your local discount store.
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