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continuous ink system for EPSON/CANON/HP

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continuous ink system for EPSON/CANON/HP

Postby cutemaker » Mon Apr 03, 2006 6:04 am

The original inkjet cartridge is expensive and costly, how to
decrease printing cost is our project.

after many years researching and innovating, this problem was
solved by a kind of product. We worked hard to make it suitable
to sell in market and end-user oriented. Now it was launched! ---
The CISS ( Continuous Ink Supply System ). Saving significant
cost to ink user,we believe it is the printing revolution.

What is the advantage of using CISS?
*save a lot compared to the cost of more cartridge to buy ever again.
*protect our environment by avoiding waste cartridge.
*Never run out of ink at awkward moment.
*Most Epson desktop model available.
*Also available for selected Canon and HP printers.

What is a CISS ?
A Continuous Inking System (CISS) is a bulk ink supply system, for selected inkjet printers,
that replaces your standard inkjet cartridges.

How does it work ?
Ink is supplied from refillable tanks (kept at the side of the printer) through flexible pipelines
to a specially designed permanent no-sponge cartridge that replaces the original inkjet cartridges.

for more info, please view:

hope more people like the new product.
it is time to save printig cost!
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