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Inks, Emulsions___

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Inks, Emulsions___

Postby Munkee » Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:55 pm

Hi my name is Scott most people know me by Munkie.
I Was a member before changed jobs lost E-mail blah blah.
Well anyway I have been in the Paint & Print industry's for well over a decade now.
I know how to do lots very well. Printing apperal is something that I am somewhat new too.
I am currently setting up a home shop. Currently Finishing Large Heavy duty 4 color press. Upgradeable to 8,4 station. Then I will make metal halide light source. That way I can produce my own pinstripped designs along with contract work. I am trying to keep this set-up some what GREEN. I am currently using Union Aerotek Inks. I am very used to using catalyst in my inks due to previous expoxy usage. I am wodering tought in there are better or even just easier to use inks. Water based though. Easy clean up is a big factor to me. Another challenge that I am dealing with is trying to figure out Emulsion. I am looking for something with long shelf life. 12-18 months preferably. Water based emulsion capable of working with other inks would be nice. Versatility is always good. Some what Good detail. No sensitizer needed premixed? Not looking for something capable of 150LPI halftones. But maybe around 7pt text pretty clearly. Current home exposure unit is 500 halogen no vacuum set-up yet. Just foam and Glass. Now on to my biggest quesion. Local Distrubitor. West Michigan I normally would work with T-Rosema and Assc. They just don't carry alot of what I need. One stop requires a business license. Trying to keep this a small Hobby set-up at the moment. Any info is always apreciated. Thank you.
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Re: Inks, Emulsions___

Postby tz231 » Wed May 04, 2011 10:44 pm

Your job demands a lot but I hope that there are products that will allow you to stay friendly with the environment while accomplishing your tasks. I work part-time in an office and all I do is deal with office prints and believe me, there are great advantages in working with refills and remanufactured inks like the Canon toner and the Brother LC51M. i hope you will also find some of the pieces that will help boost your performance.
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Re: Inks, Emulsions___

Postby tompaine » Thu May 05, 2011 3:16 am

Water-based inks, kept in a cool dark place should be fine for that period. You probably want a vacuum or some effective form of clamping system to hold the fine text.
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