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Welcome to Screen Printing Forum

Postby someday » Wed Jan 25, 2006 2:18 pm

If this is your first visit, which most definitely it is, I would like to welcome you! :lol:
We at Screen Printing Forum are delighted to have you on our site.
We want you to enjoy yourselves and share your wealth of information with us.

However, we do have some basic rules.

To make this community fun for everyone please keep in mind:
You need to register before you can post. *Some forums are hidden from unregistered users.
Please don't forget to confirm your registration by clicking the link in the email you receive after signing up
If you want your thoughts to be taken seriously or even read at all by anyone, do not spam.
If you continue to spam despite repeated warnings (by post deletion or rebuke on the forum or by e-mail) to stop, you will be banned.

There is now a minimum number of posts required to the forum before you can add a signature, because there was recently a huge number of new signups to the forum just so that they could post their signature spam into the membership list. Therefore Forum was updated to not allow signatures and avatars until the forum member had made enough posts (10) to show that they are a legitimate participant in the forum rather than a spammer.

I hope to see you become a part of this forum.
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