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Reclaiming Screen

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Reclaiming Screen

Postby decaldepotohio » Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:02 pm

NEWBIE ALERT- New to screen printing. My setup is a Riley Hopkins 2 Station 4 color Press. I bought the Pro package from Ryonet. Included all my squeegees, inks ( water based ), WBP emulsion, 156 Mesh Screens and More.

So far I have experimented with Ryonet Comet White, Meteor Black and that's it. My emulsion coating is great, my burn time is at 4:45 and sprays out beautifully. I then place the screen once dry back on the UV for another 5 mins. I have heard all the horror stories of screen lock. So now to my problem. Is it normal for my stencil to still be seen after reclaim? One some screens it is very very faint. The screen looks brand new but I can still see the stencil. On these screens I used white. On another it is like dyed with the Ryonet Meteor Black. It is totally washed out but there is a faint black stencil. Is this normal? I never leave the ink on the screen for too long as it is waterbased and can dry.

My wash process is using the chemicals provided by ryonet. I use Aqua Wash ink degrader first, followed by emulsion remover, followed by dehaze/degreaser.

So any tips on how to prevent these stencils still showing. Is it normal? :twisted:
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Re: Reclaiming Screen

Postby d fleming » Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:33 pm

normal.called ghosting. you should be good as long as mesh is open
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