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new to silk screen question

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new to silk screen question

Postby greensilky » Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:01 am

i work at a commercial offset printing company ,we are looking at doing coro signs 24x18 ,company purchased an american tempo 2230 press ,my first question is what is the smallest screen size(frame) that i can use 25x36 ,36 same direction as squeegee ,seems to small, as flood bar holder hits back screen holder bought 30x42 screen they seem to fit alot better,but cost more $. Can you turn the screens like 25x36 frame size 90 degrees so the 25 is same direction as squeegee thanx
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Re: new to silk screen question

Postby d fleming » Tue Jan 19, 2016 11:14 am

Just did a quick google on your machine. Looks like a pretty basic clamshell that is pneumatic. Nice press. I would get the largest frames that the machine holds. Typically frame size = deck size. That way you can use the machine to its full potential. Trying to get the smallest frame for the job is never a good idea. The more well area you can have the easier the print run will be. Melray is a good source for aluminum stretched frames. For coro I use nazdar corogloss inks, 230 mesh (yellow) and xylene or laquer thinner to clean up. Do you have a way to expose these size frames?
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