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Screenprinting Control Panels

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Screenprinting Control Panels

Postby printyman » Mon Oct 27, 2014 8:25 am

Hi everyone,

I am beginning the process of putting together a simple screenprinting setup to screen aluminum control panels for amplifiers and audio equipment. I have watched what seems like hundreds of videos on the screenprinting process so I am pretty confident I have a good basic understanding of things.

I do have a couple of specific questions however...

- Firstly, for printing simple control panels like this ... 0panel.jpg - What value mesh screen should I be looking at purchasing?
- Secondly, does anybody here have any experience with the type of ink I should be using for control panels? Most of what I read relates to printing onto textiles so it would be good to hear from somebody who has printed onto a similar substrate before.

Look forward to peoples comments!
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Re: Screenprinting Control Panels

Postby d fleming » Wed Oct 29, 2014 1:25 pm

For that application I might suggest a 230 mesh or finer. If it is an aluminum panel you can use an all purpose ink like 9700 series from nazdar with a catalyst. They (nazdar) may have a better suggestion for ink than that. A vacuum table would be best to hold the substrate in place during printing. For something that small you could easily build your own table with adjustable hinges and a kickstand for screen. Melray could sell you an inexpensive aluminum pre stretched dyed fabric (yellow to help with undercutting during exposure process) frame. For the fine detail you may want to use blue poly 3 film rather than emulsion.
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