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Young one

Postby dgprints » Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:50 pm

Hi everyone, new to this and first post. If someone could give me redirection of where this post would be ideal that would be good thanks! I tried one colour screen printing for the first time in my house, I dont have a press just screens. The results were a lot of messy uneven t-shirts. Now I want to keep trying and look into getting more/better equipment although after the print I cant seem to get my screens clean. I got my cleaning equipment and screens from (Iam not saying not a good company just giving the information of the equipment incase can help solve the problem) and here is a list of the cleaning equipment
1 x 1 Ltr Pregan NT9 (degreaser)
1 x 1 Ltr PREGASOL K-FL (stencil remover mixes up to 20 ltr)
1 x 1 Kg PREGAN PASTE (haze remover)

I only had a shower head as a hose so wasnt much pressure from that.
Thanks in advance for any replies!
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