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bitmapping my immage

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bitmapping my immage

Postby 1969_screener » Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:28 pm

I am interested in finding out if my method of bitmapping my image on photo shop is a correct process, here goes.

The image I design in photoshop, I like doing in a black and white, gradient,

1. I go to mode- then greyscale it
2. I bitmap the image,
3. I enter 250 pixels/ inch, and under method, use Halftone Screen
4. When Halftone screen comes up, I enter 60 lines per inch
5. enter45 degrees
6. shape i enter, round, and enter, and print the image, to burn, on a 150 screen
The results, are mixed,if I use real photos in the design , some thing come in the print.
If I hand draw the image, and bring it into photoshop , the results are better
If someone can give me feed back it would be appreciated.

P.s I use plastisol ink.
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