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Printing wet on wet plastisol transfers

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Printing wet on wet plastisol transfers

Postby rkarr » Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:45 am

Hello, I've found that the other forums are not mush help. I hope this one can!

I finally got my butt-butt reg figured out but cant figure out the best way to print a transfer wet on wet. I cut my teeth with a 2 color black and white cold peal on a red shirt. I tried to print most of them wet on wet printing white first. The problem I found was a lot of ink was sticking to the black screen. About every 5 prints I would have to clean off the black screen.

I have read to use silicone spray on the back of the second/black screen, however; I don't have access to that where I live.

Does anyone out there print wet on wet plastisol transfers and have tips for sticking ink?


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