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What's the best printer for transparencies

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What's the best printer for transparencies

Postby CraigNeedsAnswers » Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:05 pm

Hello one and all.

I'm looking for a printer for transparencies. I'll come clean and let you all know that I'm not actually a screen printer, but I know you folks must have a lot of experience with transparency printing and I can't seem to find this information anywhere else on the web!

My events company has just invested in some new LED lighting. Before LED, similar lights could be used to project logos, pictures etc but because of the heat of a 575w tungsten lamp the logos needed to be made up as expensive glass "gobo"s. These are essentially slides. We now have the ability to print our own on transparency film which is where you guys come in. As we're shining very bright light through them we need the colours, especially blacks to be as strong as possible. I've also heard that some printers can bleed and smudge which is not acceptable. We only need to print these about 3 inches diameter.

Finally, if we're investing in a fancy inkjet printer then I'm tempted to get something that does A3 but this is not essential.

Thanks for reading, Craig
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