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Advice wanted on low impact screen printing

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Advice wanted on low impact screen printing

Postby JDStockley » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:07 am


I'm fairly new to screen printing, and recently embarked on a project that started simple but has ballooned as it's grown and evolved, it started as making a single, simple T shirt design using a paper stencil and acrylic paint, after posting images of it on the internet people became interested in it and enquiries were made about me doing a run of them. I try and use a recycled ethos in most of my creative endeavours so looked into methods of screen printing on a budget using recycled materials and started experimenting. I managed to Mcgyver a screen using an old picture frame and curtain netting, and played about with using printing ink and a paper stencil but the weave appeared to become slightly clogged and as I was using a paper stencil, could not clean the screen with water, eventually I gave up and cleaned the screen completely.

I'm now looking into low impact, environmentally friendly ways of creating a stencil on a screen that can be washed after use whilst still retaining the stencil, I've looked into a few methods but they seem to use solvents and chemicals I'd prefer to steer clear of, to stick with my original ethos. Any suggestions would be amazing.

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