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2 or more colour printing without carousel

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2 or more colour printing without carousel

Postby Ceefax » Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:42 pm


Totally new to printing and wanted some advice on setting up a home studio for poster printing.
This is purely for myself and not for a business. I may want to do tshirts, but for now it is just on cotton paper. Are poster setups different to the set up for tshirts for example.

1. Could I ask what sort of set up I need. I'm thinking a hand bench with out a carousel. But does that limit my colours without having a carousel.Do you need a form of carousel when doing posters if you want more than 1 colour

2. If I don't have a carousel does anyone have a link to a set up for maintaining good registration when using more than one color, perhaps using chocks or anything else that could mark the last position. How do you maintain the registration.

4. Some of my work is quite large, how are large pieces screen printed. Tiling? I suppose the size is limited by my space more?

3. Any advice on good brands to check out for a poster setup, or what I should be googling for

Thanks fo the help. Great forum by the way.
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Re: 2 or more colour printing without carousel

Postby d fleming » Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:13 am

You do not need a carousel for printing flat stock. A flat surface, hinge clamps and screen will suffice at beginning level. You will need to use side and bottom register to get stock into same position. A cut piece of stock being printed mounted to print deck will do. registration marks built into your art are needed. You can trim stock to edge or bleed after printing. You will need either a light tac spray or vacuum table to hold stock in place during printing. Large prints require large frames. ... ,r:14,s:61

from google images
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