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Is this tbest method to sep colors for 4-color screen print?

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Is this tbest method to sep colors for 4-color screen print?

Postby Sonic » Wed Feb 10, 2010 5:09 am

Hello, i am a young designer from Uzbekistan. sorry for my bad english.

There is one method i know to separate image on 4 colors (CMYK) on black (t-shirt for example) for better-photo-real quality.

I do this in PS.

In PS i change color profile on CMYK pallete and do maximum black generation (100). So i have 4 channels. one of them (K) will be printed with white ink.
Others are red, yellow and blue.

How do better to increase details, when original image is not perfect? What tips and tricks exist?)
(for example i use only burn and dodge tools)
So i do split channels and each of them do--->bitmap.
So, this i export to corel (4 pages), make crosses. thats all

I have many problems with details.
first reason (Our technology of printing is not good) (MAXIMUM halftone frequency (dot size) is 34, when i do 35-46 - very bad result)
second - low experience in 4 color screen printing. Last time - many peoples want 4 color instead 2 or 3. They want better-photo-real print using screen printing.

If anybody could help me to learn how to separate images on colors correctly with the best details in PS? may be there is some tutorial anywhere)?
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Re: Is this tbest method to sep colors for 4-color screen pr

Postby manicprints » Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:20 am

If you posted your image you might get other suggestions for printing your image. I personally am not a fan a CMYK on black T-shirts but if you figure out a decent way to do it without the purchase of separation software let us see the print.
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