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need emulsion and capillary film

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need emulsion and capillary film

Postby Yubin » Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:57 am

I'm in china ,so my English isn't good..
These days we making screen for PV cells printing 325-16 stainless steel mesh . finger width 28um EOM 15um paste Dupon 17F
All of the test data is ok after printing ,just screen life time is not good ...when print 4-5h the small holes will come out ,so I guess the
emulsion doesn't have good adhesion or not good in resistant to some solvent. so some can tell me some good emulsion or C-film...I don't
know how to upload pic.
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Re: need emulsion and capillary film

Postby geneh » Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:53 am

Hi Yubin,
I print conductive inks all the time and I use Autotype CX Film. With a backer coat of Autotype 8000 direct emulsion on the squeegee side this helps with durability as well as ink transfer. I can get up to 8000 impressions before the tension fall off on my screens and have to replace the screen. Now I know that the CX film will only give you about 4-6 um of EOM. I do not know if that will be enough EOM for your application. The next question I have for you is are you exposing your screens enough this will cause premature break down of the emulsion in fine copy. Also are you using a pre prep or laminating fluid before appling you cap film? Also try dehaze on your mesh after stretching a new screen this helps get rid of any oils left from when the mesh was weaved. Degreaser just don't do the trick by its self. Saati has a new cap film as well that is suppose to render down to 20 um lines. I have some on my desk but just have not had the chance to try it out yet but it comes in different um thickness.

Hope this helps
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