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Pregasol dried on screen during reclaiming.

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Pregasol dried on screen during reclaiming.

Postby Splitear » Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:00 am


I'm using a diluted Pregasol K-FL to decoat my screen, due to an emergency I sprayed it on my screen to decoat (usually i leave it for 2 minutes then rinse with water to successfully reclaim my screens), i left the pregasol on the stencil for an hour, came back and it had dried, now it will not wash off at all, no matter how much pressure and chemicals i use.

Looking at the Kiwo datasheet, it says avoid allowing it dry as it is incredibly hard to remove dried pregasol on a stencil.

I was thinking of buying Pregan Paste to try and remove this stencil, but i was wondering if this would work? Or if anyone else has encountered this problem?



I also thought of buying Pregasol P (a ready to use decoater) as it is stronger an much better at removing emulsion, i was wondering if my case was hopeless or not, thanks.
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Re: Pregasol dried on screen during reclaiming.

Postby d fleming » Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:15 pm

Not with that particular product but yes, when that happens with my stencil remover it's time for new mesh. Haven't made that mistake in a long time, my guess is you won't from now on either!
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