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Weird Emulsion problem

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Weird Emulsion problem

Postby mattg123 » Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:30 pm

Hi, Ive had a few problems with my home setup but most have been fixed using these forums, however this one i cant seem to see any answer or similar problem.
Basically ive been printing for a few months and had varying results but something which has now happened twice is the problem in the picture...basically once i have gone to strip the screen i have had parts of the emulsion which just WONT come out. The strange thing is the parts which wont wash out are in the shape of drips (see Picture) and have become completely permanent... I just cant understand why this is happening.

I am using Photo cure emulsion- Diazo blue type. And cleaning chemicals from When i coat the screen i am positive the screen is dry. Also before exposing i make sure the emulsion is dry.

Most of the times the setup i am using works absolutely fine but on these 2 occasions this problem has arisen...

Is something reacting with the emulsion?
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Re: Weird Emulsion problem

Postby d fleming » Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:14 pm

Could be from an incomplete washout, then when screen is stored or set upright somewhere to dry, some leftover wet emulsion creeps into frame. If it is and emulsion remover or haze remover won't get it out, your last resort is to pressure wash it to death. If that doesn't work, re-stretch.
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Re: Weird Emulsion problem

Postby ckepley » Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:24 pm

I have had this problem too. I can't put my finger on this problem either....I have had a employee of mine call me and tell me this same problem she was having and we used the emulsion remover and haze remover. That seemed to clear the screen quite a bit but it didn't solve the problem completely. I advised my employee that we would have to use a different screen more than likely for larger images to be printed but we kept the screen and didn't throw it away or waste time stretching a new screen on the frame. I advised my employee that we would keep the screen and use it for smaller images that could be printed as small logos/images as well as for sleeve prints. Don't get discouraged as it this happens from time to time. Just pay attention to drying times for emulsion and the results when cleaning the screen. Room temperature may have been to warm as well. I know that has happened to me and the result is emulsion will leave marks like this on the screen.

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