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RIP Help for Epson 1520

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RIP Help for Epson 1520

Postby mach1rr » Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:32 pm

I own a sheet metal shop and I'm trying to set up to do screen printing on metal. I have a nearly new Epson 1520 that was in storage. It sounds like there are many advantages to using the 1520 vs. buying a new printer. Here is what I have: Windows 2000 desktop and a Windows 7, 64 bit laptop. I downloaded AccuRIP and it runs on the laptop but does not talk to the 32 bit Epson drivers. So I downloaded ScreenRIP Pro for the Windows 2000 computer and after seven hours of trying, I can't get it to talk to the 1520. I downloaded Virtual XP (a MS program to run 32 bit drivers on Windows 7) on the laptop and loaded AccuRIP and it talks to the 1520. However, Virtual XP does not work smoothly and I'm trying to find some way of using the Windows 2000 computer. I'm fixated on the 1520 because everyone states that the dye based ink is what I should be using and the newer Epson printers use pigment inks. I also have a HP 130 large format printer. One other thing, I'm using 305 mesh screens to get the fine detail I need for placing text and fine graphics on sheet metal. Am I p*#ing against the wind and should I abandon the 1520 and buy a new printer? I would appreciate constructive suggestions as the printer is the only hang up I have in this process.
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Re: RIP Help for Epson 1520

Postby tompaine » Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:18 am

The 1520 ink, being dye gives a nice black, but the modern inks are loaded with uv block and perform more than adequately.
I found the 1520 to be very slow and the cartridges are small and expensive.
Give it up & get a newer printer.
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