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Inkjet printers come with some added problems....

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Inkjet printers come with some added problems....

Postby Business Forms » Thu Oct 21, 2010 2:48 am

Inkjet printers come with some added problems that need to be looked at and taken into consideration.

• To begin with they are not as fast as the Laser printers. This is one reason why Inkjet printers are not recommended when printing needs to be done in large volumes.
• They are known to throw up cartridge error messages even though the cartridges might be working just fine. This is not to say that Inkjet printers are always problematic but these are just a few errors that do crop up once in a while.
• The print can also start going haywire sometimes and it may start printing in endless loops.
• It is often difficult to minimize and regulate the amount of ink being used in the Inkjet printers.
• There is a difference in quality of an Inkjet print and a laser print. Often the laser print is of better quality.
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